Want to get the most out of Winforecast? We can give you specialised advise based on your paticular needs. we have customers that employee us to manage their cashflow forecasts. We can come to you and become part of your financial team or work remotely/ by email.

Remote Demo

We can come to you over the net. organise a demo and then download this remote desktop programme. We will come onto you desktop and have the phone or skype our winforecast specialist will take you on a tour and discuss your particular needs.


A typical traning secdule is:

  • 2 hrs learning the basics
  • 4-6 hrs you work on your own forecast with our assistance.

Template Building

Several companies have employed us to build their initial forecast structure then we work together to fine tune the forecasts. When you have a need for multiple forecasts which are then consolidated we can work with you to build a generic template thaty is then copied to each company/ department

Remote Support

Are you in need of someone to hold your hand, to help with your forecast. We can come onto your desktop remotely and give you friendly, helpful advice.