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Banks love forecasts done on Winforecast.

Let's work together to produce your first Forecast and YOU learn Winforecast at the same time

Many businesses need to produce reliable models of their future profits, cash flow and financial strengths. Sage WinForecast Professional allows you to produce extremely detailed and accurate forecasts quickly and easily.

It eliminates the time-consuming task of creating spreadsheets. You can produce integrated Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecasts up to 10 times faster than with a spreadsheet. It can link to Sage Line 50 or Line 100 or Line 200, even a data spreadsheet, which means that there's no need to re-key in accounting data, so there is less opportunity for error.

Accurate forecasting is the key to business growth and success. It not only helps you plan for the future, but it gives you a powerful tool for managing the present.

Sage Financial Forecasting is a flexible forecasting solution for all businesses. We can train you how to use it and help you build your forecast at the same time.

Sage WinForecast Professional can be used either as a standalone product or in conjunction with existing financial data and spreadsheets and it contains a full range of reports available in a professional format.

Sage Winforecast can be made to link to your existing spreadsheets and so speed up data entry. You can learn to build a basic forecast in 1 hour

Quick and easy data entry methods provide the guarantee of ensuring the integrity of data, thereby removing the time consuming tasks of tracing errors that can cause imbalances on the balance sheet.

Complex calculations that affect the business (such as GST) are automatically calculated, enabling time to be more profitably spent on planning for the success of the business.

The Integrated Multi-Year Report Set ensures that Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and other reports are automatically updated. Employee, Fixed Asset, GST and Loan Schedules give instant and easy access to key business information.

With Sage WinForecast Professional the option exists to consolidate forecasts for a number of companies, departments or divisions; inter-company transactions can be eliminated.

Sage WinForecast Professional allows actual performance to be easily measured against projections. Variance reports are provided making it possible to revise budgets and make comparisons to revisions.

Sage WinForecast Functional Specification

Functions provided by the Sage WinForecast module are as follows:

Error-Free Forecasting
Many people are unaware that 85% of spreadsheets contain errors! Sage WinForecast Professional uses rigorous double-entry calculations to ensure complete confidence in forecast accuracy.
Financial Planning
As re-forecasting is based upon actual results, a user can analyse budgets and financial plans at any time, ultimately providing the flexibility to advise senior management and to therefore influence business decisions.
Professional Features
Built for the experienced user, a wealth of features are provided that help the user to produce forecasts in the precise format that is required.
As well as using different report timescales, factors such as gross profit, percentage, and rename headings can be prioritized to fit the defined business reporting requirements. All report formats that are created can be archived.
Hot Links
Users can 'hot link' their forecasts to any number of spreadsheets and/or database files. Integration extends this functionality to Sage Line 50, Line 100 or Line 200, as well as other forecasts taken from Sage WinForecast Professional. Changes to the data in the link will ensure that the forecast is automatically updated.
A wide variety of full colour or black and white graphs and pie charts can be created with up to 14 records per graph, in 2-D or 3-D.
Active Drilldown
By double-clicking on any figure in any report a user can analyse that figure in more detail, and then double-click again to update the data on the data entry screen.
Integrated Report Set
Raw data for each business activity is entered on easy-to-use screens and can be used to generate all reports.
Any report can be developed with simple or complex formulas to highlight key information or financial ratios. In addition, formulas for many commonly used ratios are already included.
Perform sensitivity analysis by record, sub-heading or forecast section according to the impact of foreseeable changes.